Quality and certificates

Profima is a team of high qualified designers, constructors, and welders. The company has all required authorizations, operational documentations and certificates to manufacture complex and challenging tanks and equipment for any environment.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by multistage control at all production stages, starting from the technical design documentation, inspection of production materials and components, regular quality control during manufacturing and ending the process with full compliance check. If required, the process can include: radiographic , ultrasound and other types of control as well microbiological.



Our products last when properly maintained, therefore we give a warranty of 24 months for each our manufactured tank.  After accepted product delivery we are ready to assist if there is any discrepancy with our manufactured equipment. We will keep in contact in order to be sure that you are satisfied with the product. Of course we want to value our customer relationship and serve in the future as well.



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